Blake Shelton And Keith Urban Involved In War Of Words

Blake Shelton was recently on Access Hollywood, and the host brought up Keith Urban’s words from a previous interview that he’d have to hire someone to fight Shelton, since ol’ Blake is a bigger guy. Blake then proceeded to joke about how Keith would get tangled up in his own hair if he got all fired up to fight Blake.

The funniest part of the interview to me is how the host jokes that she’d like to start rumors because country music doesn’t have any wars like other genres of music. Obviously, she didn’t do her homework, or she would have known about the recent war of words going on around Zac Brown’s recent comments about Luke Bryan’s song That’s My Kinda Night or about Blake’s comments at the end of 2012,

“If I am “Male Vocalist of the Year” that must mean that I’m one of those people now that gets to decide if it moves forward and if it moves on. Country music has to evolve in order to survive. Nobody wants to listen to their grandpa’s music. And I don’t care how many of these old farts around Nashville going, “My God, that ain’t country!” Well that’s because you don’t buy records anymore, jackass. The kids do, and they don’t want to buy the music you were buying.”

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