Casey James Performing ‘Stand By Me’ (Live)

I’ve been a huge fan of Casey James ever since his American Idol days. Here’s an awesome cover of Stand By Me from the Angel Fire Lodge in Angel Fire, NM from last year. Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image


  1. Tom Maxwell says

    I actually grew up with Casey and his family. Known him since his EARLY childhood. Love him to death. His mom and dad were my best friends. His big brother Billy Cole rocks too. I was there before he even learned to play and sing so i got to watch the whole process.. Its amazing to see what and who he has grown into. A good man , and a great performer. I kinda feel like i had a tiny hand in it. Love you Casey, Billy Cole, Beau, and Debra. Rock on brother. Tommy Lee Maxwell

  2. says

    I love this version of “Stand By Me” from Casey James. The fact that he heard it on the radio & then played it on the fly is nothing short of awesome!! I’d love to see him play it in person on tour some time. He’s so vantastic live!

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