Christian Kane – ‘Let Me Go’ Official Music Video

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. Mary E Brewer says

    Thanks so much for sharing this.. much appreciated!! it is awesome song.. and beautiful video.. and glad he has re-released the cd.. lots of people have been wanting a copy of it.. !! ♥

  2. Laura says

    Thanks so much for playing Christian Kane’s Let Me Go – it’s one of my favourites, and he’s got so many more. Did you know that he’s re-releasing House Rules under his own label and a new name – Welcome To My House – out now and available from his site… in the Store. Much appreciate you playing this for us Kaniacs – thank you

  3. Jeannean Sword says

    I love this video!! Christian Kane has the most amazing voice. I could listen to it forever. This is a beautiful video with Sofia Pernas. Thank you for sharing it.

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