George Strait – ‘Blame It On Mexico’ (Live) in 2013

“Blame It On Mexico” Lyrics:

In a bar in Acuna called Ma Crosby’s I found myself not feeling any pain
I told a ‘Frisco girl I’d come for freedom, she said she’d only come to catch a train
We struck up some idle conversation, traded all the troubles on our minds
One thing led to another in the evening and I fell in love again for my last time

Blame it on Mexico if you need a reason
Say too much guitar music, tequila, salt and lime
Blame it on Mexico, but she’s the reason
That I fell in love again for my last time

Daylight dawned and found me in Del Rio
In a rundown motel room as dark as hell
I felt all the pains of a morning after
And all alone as far as I could tell

Why she left I have no way of knowing
I guess she caught her train and that’s a crime
She took everything I ever wanted
And I fell in love again for my last time


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