Interview With Christian Kane During One More Shot In Birmingham, UK

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Nashville, Tennessee – May 10, 2015 – Time flies some times. It had been a year and a half since Christian Kane made his way over to Europe for his annual shows but this time for good reason. His visit was postponed to be able to attend a one of a kind event, One More Shot. This event, which was a benefit for breast cancer, brought together musicians that have shared not only the stage but life long friendships. Artists attending besides Kane were: The Life of Riley, Steve Carlson, Gary Quinn w. Luke Thomas, The Final Wish, Stewart Mac & Dean Roberts, Joshuah Payne and Emma Jade Garbutt.

The three day long event, which was held at the Ramada Hotel in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, started Friday April 24th with meet & greets with all the artists. Fans were seated around tables while the artists made their way to each table to hang out and chat. A very intimate way to get to know the artists which might be unfamiliar to the ‘normal’ concert go-er. Definitely not the kind of meet & greet where you stand in line, have 5 seconds to say hi and get a picture taken. Actually, meet & greet photo’s were set for the next day. This evening was just to relax, have a good time with friends and others attending the event and meeting the artists.

Photo ops the next day where very professionally done by two photographers that set up lighting and backgrounds. All artists were available and the lines moved super fast. And while fans were excited and happily waiting, the artists had time to catch up amongst themselves as well. It all felt so relaxed. My hat goes off to the organizers and photographers.

The Saturday and Sunday nights were both set for concerts. Two intimate concerts by the same artists but they made sure not to play the same songs. The music ranged from rock to pure country. But who needs a label, it was great music and an amazing atmosphere. The love for a song, the loyalty to their fans and the friendships between all attending was speaking volumes. What more can fans ask for right?!

The lovely, Steve Carlson opened up the show. With only his acoustic guitar, he took the stage and within seconds his melodic and soulful sound took my breath away. The Final Wish were up next. The Jordanian band, who also included one of their arabic songs by request, were the only ones at the event playing both electric guitars and drums. But hey, they have the prettiest drummer in the whole world so…

Gary Quinn only played one of the nightly shows due to prior arrangements but having him up there singing his incredible country songs was great. His harmony with Luke Thomas really stood out. Taking his place on Saturday night was Emma Jade Garbutt who had recently been on the British Voice. Her one of a kind voice captured everyone’s attention. Stewart Mac & Dean Roberts were the jokers of the bunch. Definitely not taking away from their music as they are great. Great music and great laughs. These guys were so much fun to see live.

Riley Smith made sure to introduce Joshuah Payne. They had been working together and this was Josh’ first time playing over seas. Or for an audience this large for that matter! But he stole the show! His Ed Sheeran style of music and his infectious enthusiasm and excitement got people on their feet. Riley took the stage straight after with his bandmates Henri O’Connor and Jonah Dolan. You can see that these guys know each other like the back of their hands and how much they enjoy playing together. One of the nights they were also joined by Christian for “She Got A Move”. If you don’t know this song, go and YouTube it! It’s amazing!

Last up was Christian. Joined by Henri on guitar he played old and new songs while fans sang along. Choking up when talking about the breast cancer aspect of the event, he wasn’t scared to show his emotional side. But he clearly enjoyed being on that stage, playing for all the people that traveled far and wide to come see him.

One thing is very clear. These fans are fiercely loyal and these artists feel the exact same way. Throughout the whole weekend Kane kept saying that he felt at home and this was his family. During the first day of the event Christian Kane took some time to sit down with our own Marloes Lucy Duizer to chat about all his projects, his cooking and more. Have a look at the interview below. And then also make sure to scroll through the pictures of all the artists that attended One More Shot 2015.

We are here for One More Shot and you’ve just done the photo ops with all the fans. That musta been a lot of fun.

It’s great man. That stuff never gets old. I’ve been doing this for a long time, been doing it for twelve years now and it’s so fun. You get to see everybody and say hi.

So I see you’ve been sporting this mohawk and I’ve heard people talk about it. Your hair sure is a topic of interest.

I gotto go back to The Librarians, we start filming on June 3rd. We are fortunate enough to be picked up for season 2 so I gotto cut my hair like Jacob Stone again. It’s not so much a mohawk, more of a faux hawk. As you can see, over the year, my hair has grown really long and it’s got a little red in it. But I’ll cut it again before filming starts.

You’re here at OMS to play your music. I hear you’ll be playing new songs as well.

I will play new songs! A song I wrote that’s kind of a sequel to Different Kind of Knight, which is called Wash. And I’ll do a different take on Happy Man. Just to see how that works out. We played it in London the other night and it went over really well. It’s a very intricate song to play. I know it may not seem that way but it kinda is and I wanted to make it mine. I’ve been fortunate enough to have Trace Adkins cut the song and a couple of other people cover it. So I was like, how do I make this mine again. So I thought, let me slow it down and see what it says because the words are very dark but the message is still the same. I wanted to make it a slow song, so I did. We’ll see how the people like it out here. I’m really looking forward to getting feedback on that. Not only with Wash but also with Happy Man.

Last time we talked you said you were going to record in January of 2014. Are you still planning on recording a new album and when do you think that will happen?

January 2014 didn’t work out because I ended up doing two films. I was so fortunate. Last year and this year has been so kind to me! But my goal is to go back to The Librarians and make sure I have all the songs in place and as soon as we’re done filming, which won’t take that long as we only got picked up for ten episodes so it doesn’t take that long to shoot, and then go right back into the studio and record an album. So hopefully that will be sorta, almost, close to done… hopefully done, which is what I’m shooting for, by the end of the year. I’d like to have it done before Christmas.

Well that’s gonna be a good present!

Thank you!

So speaking of The Librarians. You’ll be shooting a new season for that. Anything else going on that you wanna tell us about? Other movies/series that you’re in?

Well I just finished up a movie called….well they keep changing the name…It’s called Heaven Sent right now. It’s a really great movie with a great friend of mine. The whole cast is really great. Ernie Hudson is in it. It’s a Christmas movie, it a fun movie. It’s a Christmas movie in the likes of It’s A Wonderful Life. It’s kinda like that movie to be honest with you. These two people are really in turmoil and something happens over Christmas that sets them back straight. It’s just a beautiful story and I’m looking forward to that coming out.

And then I did Tinker, of course, with my buddy Clayne Crawford. And we’re looking forward to that one coming out as well. Not exactly sure when, but man I can’t wait for that one.

And obviously 50 to 1 is out on DVD.

Yeah, 50 to 1 will be out on DVD, Netflix and that kinda stuff. It’s amazing because we only got to show it to people during the course that they took, we took a bus on a cross country tour to promote the film, through California, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Kentucky and now the rest of the world gets to see it and I can’t wait. Because it’s a really good film. It’s an unbelievable story! And because it’s a true story it makes it all the more worthwhile. Those guys were on the set! I played Mark Allen, who is the owner of the horse, and one of my dearest friends Skeet Uldich, who I talk to every day, plays Chip. We did Into The West together for Steven Spielberg and got to hook back up for this movie and it was like we hadn’t missed a day, you know.

But man this story! These guys were not supposed to do anything with this horse! It was a gelding, nobody knew that. Round the last pole they were still in the last position and they still won! You gotto see this. And this is the thing, you can watch it on YouTube! The actual race! It’s not gonna ruin the film. You know what’s gonna happen. But the way they got there was the story. When I watch this movie, I still to this day, I’m like “Is he gonna win? There’s no way he’s gonna win!” even though I know he’s gonna win. The odds were 50 to 1 and they did. It was such an honor and a pleasure to play these guys. These real life guys that we’ve met and hung out with the whole time. Mark Allen is still a dear friend of mine to this day.

It’s so nice for you to get projects like that where you can put your heart into.

Yeah, you get behind it and you wanna make sure that these guys get put in the right light. And you wanna make sure you do them justice. Mark saw the film for the first time, in a completed version, and he called me and said “Dude, spot on! It was awesome”. To me, that’s better then winning an academy award. That’s better then any kind of acclaim at all because the guy that I played said I did a good job. These are rough and tough, bar fighting cowboys, man, you don’t wanna piss them off so to hear that….that’s what it’s about.

So after the movies, series and music you will also be cooking?!

Yeah, we’ve got Kane’s Kitchen coming out. It’s Jose Behar, who is Deean Devlin’s partner, and me co-producing this show. I’m not sure when it’s gonna come out. It’s almost done. We’re gonna get it to the people as fast as we can. It’s such a fun little ride. We didn’t take ourselves seriously, so that’s where the fun of the show is. It’s so great. We’ve got a website coming up for it. It’s gonna be and you can go there for merchandise and all that sort of stuff. We’re just having the time of our lives. Dean Devlin, my boss who needs no introduction, has also allowed us to have the cameras after this season of The Librarians so there’s also gonna be a Kane’s Kitchen 2! Season 2! We’re so fortunate and I’m so happy.

It’s not teaching guys to cook for chicks to get laid. It’s literally teaching guys to bring romance into the kitchen. Cook for a girl and spend some time. She’s worth it. Take your time to make sure she’s oke. This is my biggest thing with guys; why prepare a fucking meal for someone and then she shows up and you just serve it. Why not have her there, why not have a glass of wine and have a conversation while she watches you cook? Regardless of what women say, I’m telling you right now, they will be more impressed by the way you can drink, you can fight and you can cook! They all say no, but deep down inside they know they’re impressed. So show her you have some skills. Once again, it’s very important that I say this, it’s not about getting laid. It’s about bringing romance into the kitchen. If you spend time on her, she spends time with you. A woman is worth that. It’s not gonna be intricate recipes. I’m not doing stuff guys can’t make, showing you simple things you can do. But you might wanna be careful when cutting up red peppers….you never know where those hands eventually end up.

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Marloes Lucy Duizer is a writer and photographer with a passion for country music. She has worked as a freelance writer in Holland before she became part of team. Living in Holland gives her a different point of view. She loves to travel and tries to go to concerts all over the world.

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