Lady Antebellum’s Interview During The Country 2 Country Festival In London

London, Great Britain – March 15, 2015 – Before their show in front of a sold out crowd in London’s O2 Arena during the Country2Country festival last weekend Lady Antebellum took the time to sit down and answer a few questions. Below you can read all about how traveling the world means to them, their new music and the advice Bruce Springsteen gave them about playing in Europe.

You’ve been quite busy while over here. You’ve played in Sweden and Norway last weekend, played in Glasgow and last night Dublin. Now in London though. Welcome back. While other country artists are only now making their way towards Europe, you’ve been coming out here for a few years already. What keeps you coming back?

Hillary: The fans! The fact that the fans continue to show up every time we’re able to be here. Their loyalty. They know the ins and outs of the whole album, not just the songs that are being played on the radio. They are amazing. We do meet & greets before our shows and every person that comes up has a personal story that they share about our music impacting them. Which is just the most heart warming compliment. We just love it over here, we really do. It feels like a second home.

Dave: We come to London about five or six times now and we’ve played some amazing places. We started at Shepherd’s Bush, done Union Chapel, Hyde Park….to end up here with a sold out crowd in the O2 arena is truly a dream come true. This is one you tell the grand kids about! It’s a really huge moment for us and we don’t take it for granted at all.

Charles: This is on the bucket list!

What can we expect from you’re show in this big stadium compared to the shows played here earlier in smaller venues?

Charles: Definitely high energy! If this is anything like our show we did in Dublin just before coming out here. That show is one of my favourite show’s we’ve had in I don’t know how long. There was just so much energy and the crowd allowed us to take them wherever we felt like going. There will be a few little surprises. We’ve evolved. Anybody that has seen us 5 or 6 years ago will notice a much more high energy show from us these days.

You have made some great music videos to go along with your singles. Which has been your most favourite to make?

Charles: I can go ahead and answer that for you right now! The one that Kate Upton was in! So that was “Bartender”. We asked her to be in it. I don’t know why she said yes, but she said yes. It’s the first time Dave and I showed up really early!

Hillary: My favourite, purely because it was so much fun to watch Charles and Dave be in cop uniforms running around like crazy people, was “Downtown”. It was a really fun shoot. And I actually ended up meeting Beth Behrs from the tv show “Two Broke Girls”  who now is one of my best friends. She was my sidekick in the video.

Have you started on the video for “Long Stretch of Love” yet?

Hillary: Not yet

Charles: It’s our next single and literally just came out in the States. That is probably our favourite song of the record.

Hillary: That’s why we kicked off the record with it.

Charles: We’ve been wanting to release this song as a single from the beginning and I’m happy it’s out now. It definitely represents where we are as a band. It’s in your face, it’s a butt kicker.

A lot of young people here in Europe haven’t listened to country music much as they haven’t been exposed to it. “Need You Now” in a way opened the door for country music here. Do you consider yourselves ground breaking?

Hillary: We would take that as a huge compliment. We love being able to travel all over the world to perform these songs and “Need You Now” was that song for us. It truly opened up the door to the world for us. To be able to travel here is amazing and we will always be so grateful to country music. Our heart and our soul is in country music and to be able to see how it’s transcending boarders is awesome! It’s awesome to be a part of that.

Dave: It feels like an awesome moment. The Country2Country festival and the CMA songwriters series out here. It feels like country music is completely global now. It’s really exciting to see. People are diving into these songs and artists. These songs are real and anyone you’ll see here on the festival. We all try to sing about what we go through and what we know. That’s what makes it real and why it translates so well across the world. We feel the energy of that. We really feel that great response.

You’ve now released several albums here. Do you feel that the “Need You Now” has had the biggest response for you?

Charles: Definitely. But during our shows here in Europe we’ve played half of our new record and the fans were singing along to the songs that just came out. And I think that in Europe there’s a huge respect for of making a record, which I love. It’s not just about the singles, it’s about the whole record. The record as a whole and the journey that it takes you on. Of course “Need You Now” is the record that has sold the most for us everywhere. But it really means a lot when you hear along with songs from the new record as well.

For the new album, “747”, you’ve used new songwriters. Why is that?

Charles: We have. All kinds of different writers. I think, for us, going into our fifth record it was time to mix it up. When I think of bands I’m a big fan of I would own their first three records and then I would start zoning out. As an artist that’s a tough thing. You really wanna fight to keep the interest. So we really tried to mix it up on this record. Try some new things.

You seem to release songs that people can globally relate to.

Hillary & Dave: Thank you.

Charles: We’ll perform a song called “One Great Mystery”. We wrote that with a guy called Josh Kear who we wrote “Need You Now” with. It’s songs like that, that’s where we are in our lives. We’re all happily married. Dave and Hillary have a new kid each. Not together!

Hillary: Haha, that would start a rumour!

Charles: But you start thinking about a lot of those things. About what got you here. It’s definitely a lot of nostalgic stuff.

Hillary: We think about, us as a band, if each one of us had made a different turn we would’ve never ended up here. If Charles hadn’t called Dave to move up to Nashville or if I hadn’t walked into that bar…

Charles: And hit on me!

Hillary: …and complimented you! Haha! We wouldn’t be here. And that’s what that song is about. Just fate.

Well thank you for coming out and playing for us once again. We love having you here and hope more will follow

Hillary:  Thank you. There are a lot of artists that are starting to really invest their time here, which I think is the smartest thing you can ever do. When we were playing Hyde Park we had the opportunity to meet one of our heroes, Bruce Springsteen, and he said “If you invest your time here, you will never regret it and you can come back for years and years and years”. We took that to heart and are telling our friends back in the states to do the same thing. We appreciate the love and feel such a warm reception.

Marloes Lucy Duizer is a writer and photographer with a passion for country music. She has worked as a freelance writer in Holland before she became part of team. Living in Holland gives her a different point of view. She loves to travel and tries to go to concerts all over the world.

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