Rare Video – Alan Jackson’s First National TV Appearance In 1985 On TNN’s ‘You Can Be A Star’

Watch this rare video of Alan Jackson on TNN’s ‘You Can Be A Star’. It was his first national TV appearance. Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image


  1. Debra Floyd says

    Wish that country never changed.The song would tell a story of someones life.Now nothing really has no meaning anymore.What a shame this is for us all.


    Remember the good ole days when we had station TNN and all the good programs. Wish Time Cable would carry some good Country stations like Heartland and Crook and Chase and a lot of the ones that have shows like TNN had back then- that was Country- not what CMT and GAC are having on their stations. Love Alan Jackson and I probably saw this paticular show. He is one ofthe best singers out there. Most ofthem are at that time like Randy Travis, Gorge Jones of course and others of that time.

    • Margaret McCrory says

      We are blessed with loads of talent in Ireland and we even have a Shreveport, Louisiana lad doing well. Check out Robert Mizzell but he’s now ours. Great ambassador for traditional American country music in Ireland.
      We always welcome your country music stars over here. Garth Brooke’s is due later this year. Not my cup of tea but he is well received here.

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