Terri Clark – ‘The One’ Official Music Video

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  1. barbara shinn says

    this song is about not rushing things, life is tuff and so many marriages break up, people tell lies and are unfaithful and they do not follow the good book/ this is a good song , and Terri sings it all so right. people can remain great intimate and or not intimate, maybe just great friends to lean on and help one another and they can actually be all sorts of just stay with each others in many ways, until that special day , which may or may not ever come together with each other, but at least you had each other as long as possible. memories are forever = good or bad.. amen

  2. Dean Kesler says

    It’s about time we heard from one of the Country Artists from the last truly good Country Music era! God Bless You Teri, it’s an amazing song from an incredibley great artist!

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