Toby Keith – ‘American Soldier’ Official Music Video

Toby Keith’s music video for ‘American Soldier’.

YouTube Preview Image


  1. says

    I REMENBER THOSE DAY S TOO WELL SOME TIMES. That call in early morning that wakes you up to tell you that you are about too be ship out..No time to say good by to any-one. your just gone , Some times you don nt even know where you are going..My grand son will report on march 17,2014. I pray God will look after him, and bring him home safe. Like he did me.GOD BLESS THE U.S.A

  2. says

    Toby your song made me cry as I watched it. I WONT TO SAY THANK YOU & THE MEN WHO WAS THERE WHEN YOU MADE VIDEO. god bless them all & thank you for doing what they do for us all.

  3. Patricia Dudis says

    I want to thank all the men and women who keep this land safe for us everyday and night. You are always in my heart and my prayers.

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